GMB 2019: Ghanaian tourist sites brought to the fore

ENAM emerged STAR PERFORMER for the 3rd time

With 2019 declared ‘The Year of Return’ for Africans living in the Diaspora to return home, it is only right that those who are yet to visit get acquainted with some of the beautiful tourist sites in Ghana in anticipation of what awaits them.

The remaining ten contestants in this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant thus made it a duty to highlight some of these tourist sites scattered across all 16 regions of the country.

For a change, the contestants did not have to talk about tourist sites in their respective regions as is usually the case for their weekly performances, but rather had to market a site in any other region than their region of origin.

Raising the curtain for Sunday’s show, Upper West Region representative Yiri took viewers on a journey to Yabraso in the Bono East Region.

She talked about the Fuller Falls located in Yabraso and what a beautiful sight it is to behold as water from the fall flows into the Black Volta, disappears underground and resurfaces to the delight of tourists.


Oti Region’s Nana talked about how she visited the North East Region and had the pleasure of seeing the Nalerigu Defence Wall. which served as a shield for indigenes back in the day.

The historical wall is located 156 kilometers away from the Tamale township, and was built in the 16th century to protect the people of the region from slave raiders who kidnapped innocent villagers, transported and sold them to Europeans.


From the Savannah Region, Kasha took a trip to the Oti Region which she described as a region with beautiful scenery.

Kasha sang praises of the Kyabobo National Park, which is a unique mountainous conservation area with a beautiful view from the mountain top.


Central Region’s Ekua also talked about her visit to the Saakpuli Slave market in the Northern Region.

She recounted some of the stories told her by tourist guards at the slave market about how the market was the main business point for foreigners in the 17th and 18th century when slaves were sold off to them.


Enam, who hails from the Volta Region, appeared on stage as a school girl sharing something she had been taught in school about the Navrongo Mud Catholic Cathedral.

She narrated how the entire famous cathedral was built of mud bricks and mortar.

Enam spoke highly of what a beautiful piece of architecture the cathedral is, and how it stood the test of time all these years and still serves as a place of worship for the people of Navrongo and tourists who visit the place.


Yaya, who represents the North East Region, sold the Avu Lagoon located in Xavi in the Volta region.

The lagoon, she said, houses the world’s only aquatic antelope, ‘the Sitatunga’.


Western North Region representative Saah appeared on stage talking about the Gbelle Game Reserve located in the Upper West Region.

Located 17 kilometers South of Tumu, the Gbelle Reserve is a home for many endangered species of wildlife like elephants, the hippopotamus as well as some beautiful birds.


The Bia National Park and Resource Reserve located in the Western North Region was the focus for Northern Region’s Zara.

The Park and Reserve, she explained, is the only biosphere reserve in the country and it is a habitat for many internationally endangered specie.


Bono East’s rep, Pena, spoke well of the beautiful Kpariya Waterfall in the Savannah Region.

The three-layer waterfall, as Pena called it, has a peaceful atmosphere where tourists get to view the beautiful scenery and witness nature’s wonderful water drop from a cliff.


Upper East Region’s Ayisha, who took a journey to the Bura Bura Weigya shrine in the Central Region, talked about how sacred the place is.

She said the shrine serves as a religious sanctuary for the people of Fante origin.


After Sunday night’s performance,  Volta Region’s Enam came top as she emerged ‘Star Performer’ for the third time since this year’s competition began.

Western North rep, Saah, was adjudged contestant with ‘Best Costume’.

The ‘Miss Congeniality’ title for the week went to Savannah Region’s Kasha.

As sad as it always seems, the Ghana’s Most Beautiful journey came to an end for Oti Region’s Nana, Upper West rep Yiri and North East Region rep, Yaya, as the three were evicted from the competition.




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