GMB 2019: Contestants weigh-in on CSE debate

AYISHA IS STAR PERFORMER FOR THE NIGHT[/caption] The conversation about whether or  not Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) should be a part of the basic school curriculum dominated traditional and social media platforms throughout last week. Contestants of TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant also took a bite of the conversation during Sunday’s performance as all ten remaining ladies took turn to share their view on sex education and the level at which it should be introduced in schools. Each lady had an opportunity to randomly pick a question on the subject, which is read out by co-host Johnnie Hughes to which the contestants share their views through their response to the question. Upper East’s Ayisha was first to appear on stage on the night, and she was given a scenario which required she takes her nephew through a school assignment centered on sex education. Ayisha took her time to explain basic knowledge on sex, and expressed the view that both teachers and parents should be responsible for educating their children on issues regarding sex. [caption id="attachment_137397" align="aligncenter" width="737"] AYISHA[/caption] For Saah who represents the Western North region, Comprehensive Sexuality Education at an early stage will go a long way to keep young people informed about issues of sex, and that it will help them  make informed decisions when faced with any form of harassment or anything sex related. [caption id="attachment_137396" align="aligncenter" width="737"] SAAH[/caption] Bono East’s Pena said she got introduced to sex education at home, and advocated for the responsibility of sex education to be laid at the door step of parents, instead of teachers. [caption id="attachment_137395" align="aligncenter" width="737"] PENA[/caption] Oti region’s Nana is all for the CSE to be introduced in schools, but she has a caveat. She believes basic school pupils are too young to consume information on the topic, and that it should be introduced at the secondary school level. [caption id="attachment_137394" align="aligncenter" width="737"] NANA[/caption] For Upper West regional representative Yiri, if a young nephew of hers chances on a pornographic video on her phone, she will use the opportunity to educate him about what there is to know about sexual activities instead of scolding him and trying to shy away from what is on the phone. [caption id="attachment_137391" align="aligncenter" width="737"] YIRI[/caption] As a parent at a Parent Teachers Association(PTA) meeting with the decision to vote for or against the introduction of sex education in her ward’s school, North East rep, Yaya says she is all for sex education at the basic level. She believes exposing children to the dynamic of sexuality early better equips them in making decisions regarding sex, harassment and other things. [caption id="attachment_137392" align="aligncenter" width="737"] YAYA[/caption] Savannah region’s Kasha says if she is invited to give  a talk on sex at the basic school level, she will embrace the opportunity and go all out to educate the young pupils. Kasha sees nothing wrong with talking about sex to young people since she believes they are of age to consume information on the subject. [caption id="attachment_137393" align="aligncenter" width="737"] KASHA[/caption] Northern region’s Zara will not entertain any conversation on sex around her children. Given a scenario of her friends discussing a sexual scene from a movie in her child’s presence, Zara argued her child getting schooled on sex under such a circumstance is not the best, and that she would rather teach her child at home rather than have different people school them. [caption id="attachment_137400" align="aligncenter" width="737"] ZARA[/caption] Ekua who represents the Central Region says she is not introducing any sexual talk to her ward unless he or she is above age 13. Ekua does not think teaching children under age 13 about sex is the best, she believes children are naive and curious at that age, hence they may be forced to engage in sexual activities if they are exposed to the topic at an early age. [caption id="attachment_137401" align="aligncenter" width="737"] EKUA[/caption] Volta region’s Enam is all for sex education at an early stage, but she will control the amount of information her children consume on the subject at that age. She says she will regulate and closely monitor the kind of things her kids watch on television, hence, she will not allow her children watch sex scenes in movies. [caption id="attachment_137402" align="aligncenter" width="737"] ENAM[/caption] Sunday’s performance saw Upper East regional representative, Ayisha emerge ‘Star Performer’ while North East region’s Yaya was adjudged contestant with ‘Best Costume’ for the night. Volta region’s Enam was adjudged ‘Best Behaved’ contestant for the week. Ghana’s Most Beautiful airs every Sunday 8:00p.m on TV3 and is also live on all social media platforms of the station.

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