GMA to push for ‘drastic’ measures against Covid if. . .

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) says it may advise the President to take very drastic measures so as to contain the coronavirus upsurge.

The President of the Association, Dr. Frank Ankobea, says the entire country has failed on the Covid-19 safety protocols.

Speaking on the Sunrise morning show with host Alfred Ocansey, Dr Ankobea said: “If we are pushed to the wall, we may have to advise the president to take very drastic measures to contain it if we are not going to take these simple measures to contain it”.

“It’s sad we are all at risk. After all, when people go and contract, it they will bring it to the hospital, is that not it?”  he asked.

According to the GMA President, everybody is hoping for the vaccines but countries have already booked their vaccines, he revealed.

He said it may take up to two years before a vaccine is produced to cure the virus.

“The moment any vaccine is approved, the rich countries have put down the money to acquire the vaccines. It may take us up to two years to get it. People have paid for 80 million vaccines, 200 million vaccines. Where are we going to get that money to buy that vaccine in bulk like that and remember the pharmaceutical industries are doing business? They are business oriented. Those with the diplomatic clout and financial clout are the ones who will acquire the vaccines first and it will take us sometime before we – myself and you – get it, so let’s use this basic safety protocols.”

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He complained bitterly about how people and the politicians have stopped washing of hands, wearing facemasks and observing social distance.

According to Dr Ankobea, if care is not taken, there could be a spike the cases before 2021.

Ghana’s active case count stands at 1,156 while the total number of deaths now stands at 320.

Many have attributed the recent surge to the activities of politicians especially during their campaigns.

Dr Ankobea observed that some politicians have been afflicted by the virus and some of them killed.

“To the politicians, if your citizenry are not healthy then who you will be governing? On the 12 of March, Ghana recorded only 2 cases but now we have over 1,000 cases, so if we don’t take care COVID will take over the country.”

His deepest regret is that the law enforcing agencies are also not observing the protocols.

“There is no vaccines out yet, so the only thing we can do to help curb this virus is to obey the precautionary measures given by the WHO. Covid-19 is still with us but it’s not gone.”

By Richard Bright Addo|3FM||Ghana