Global Citizens Festival: There was no proper coordination between the Presidency and the organizers – Kumadoe

A Fraud and Security Analyst, Mr Richard Kumadoe has said there was no proper coordination between the Presidency and the planners of the Global Citizens Festival hence, the heckling of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo during the event on Saturday September 26. 

He believes that the handlers of the President must have learnt their mistake in what happened to the President.

Mr Akufo-Addo during the event delivered a keynote address amidst jeering from the crowd.

He spoke about the government of Ghana’s involvement in eradicating poverty and upholding national unity.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I extend a hearty Akwaaba, our word of welcome, from a very hospitable people. To all of you, who have come from afar and wide, to our vibrant city of Accra, Ghana’s capital, to join us on this great occasion,” the President said at the event amidst the heckling.

Speaking on the mid day news on TV3 Monday September 26, Mr Richard Kumadoe said “I think, what I suspect was that there was no proper engagement between the event organizers, the planners of the event and the Presidency.

“The reason being that, before the President moves out of his office two things must happen.

“There will have to be security risk assessment and as a result of that assessment the outcome determines where the President should go, what should be the entry and exit procedure and where the operational unit will be and how many security service officers will have to be there.

“To the extent that the Presidency did not expect this particularly one, the lack of engagement between the Presidency or the handlers of the President and the event organizers is the problem. I want to believe that they have learned their lessons and going forward they will do better.”

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By Laud Nartey||Ghana