Global Aid for the Marginalized goes mobile

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The Global Aid for the Marginalized-Ghana with support from Tramis Construction and Afarita Ltd is going mobile with its skills and industrial training for persons with disability in the Winneba Municipality in August 2017.

This according to the Executive Director Francis Botchwey is designed to give a non-formal training to the marginalized with a focus on persons with disability in their respective districts in Ghana.

Christened ‘street business school’ by Global Aid will provide relevant and quality entrepreneurial and industrial skills to curb unemployment and annihilate sufferings among them. Seminars and workshops are also organized for farmers and traders.

This project is under the “Ghana Literacy Training and Industrialization Programme for Persons with Disability launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. Under this project, PWD’s are given basic knowledge in writing simple English and accounting for business and are given skills to earn a living at the second phase.

“We are convinced that, this programme would mitigate suffering and hardship from among persons with Disability in the Winneba Municipality and over the long haul make them independent,” Mr. Botchwey said.

Global Aid for the Marginalized is a fully registered non-profit organization that is headquartered in Ghana to reach the marginalized in Africa to build a better life.

“We embark upon poverty alleviation programs which focus on reducing hardship in the marginalized communities of Ghana.

“Our mission is to combat hunger and provide rapid responses to emergencies in the marginalized communities and homes in Africa. We rescue and empower the marginalized groups with entrepreneurial skills to among others, be self – sufficient, self-reliable, and self-confident.

“Our Vision is to create a self-sufficient society for the impoverished in Africa, an empowered world for the marginalized, where they will access quality education, good healthcare, engage them industrially, get to be distinctly profitable individuals and be fortified to give answers for their lives needs,” Francis Botchwey stated.

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