GJA calls for independent investigation into ‘torturing’ of MordernGhana journo

Affail Monney has been restrained from holding himself as GJA President

The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) is calling for an independent investigation into the alleged torturing of ModernGhana journalist, Emmanuel Ajafor by National Security operatives.

Mr. Ajarfor who was picked up by National Security operatives together with a colleague editor for allegedly engaging in cyber crime, claimed after his release that the operatives tortured and abused him while in custody.

National Security has subsequently denied the allegation, stating the journalist was only questioned and not tortured as he claims.

Addressing the issue at a press briefing in Accra on Wednesday, president of the GJA, Affail Monney tasked government to institute an independent body to look into the matter of alleged torturing and abuse.

He said government ought to provide a safe environment for journalists to work.

“We are calling for an independent investigation into the case for us to ascertain the truth. Our simple request to the government is this: please work and be seen to be working on restoring confidence that the Ghanaian media environment is safe and a reference point for the rest of the World.”

The GJA further condemned the manner in which Mr. Ajarfor and his colleague were picked up by the National Security operatives.

“On the grounds of democratic principles, freedom and independence of the media and the tradition of defending the rights of journalists, the GJA unequivocally condemns the processes and procedures adopted in seeking justice over the cybercrime allegedly committed by the journalists.”

Mr. Monney said the GJA has a constitutional and legal responsibility to rally to the defence of all journalists in their line of duty, and will not flinch from doing so under any circumstance.

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“The GJA is indeed overly worried and concerned about the attacks of scandalous frequency on journalists. Such attacks corrode our international image and dim the beacon of our democracy.”

The GJA president also admonished journalists to be ethically responsible and security conscious in order not to fall easy prey to the enemies of press freedom.

Source: 3news.com | Ghana


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