Give female artistes attention to breakthrough – Ayma pleads

Ayma has been working hard to breakthrough in her musical career

A Takoradi-based female artiste, Ayma, is pushing for equal spotlight for Ghanaian female musicians who she said, are not being given the necessary promotion as their male counterparts get from the media.

The highlife sensation said giving female acts, especially new entrants a push by the media and disc jockeys, will give them recognition both within and outside the country.

“I am pleading with presenters, DJs and bloggers to give female artistes the needed attention as they give to the male artiste …so our songs can also be promoted,” she pleaded.

Ayma on stage

Ayma, who recently won the Best Female Artistes of the Year at the 2018 Western Music Award in Takoradi, has been pushing hard for her music breakthrough.

She has to her credit, a number of singles including Odo Fakyeft Afedzi Perry, Sugar Love, Overand her latest track Ware Me.

Ayma was who has carved a niche for herself in the Western Region with her afro-style highlife songs, was one of the artistes invited to perform at this year’s Sewfi Sala Fest.She observed it was rare to find upcoming female artistes booked for events, something she said does not augur well for such artistes and the industry.

In her view, giving such female acts the opportunity will allow them to prove to the people what they are made of.

Though she said she working hard on her own to breakthrough to become one of the best and most sought after female highlife musicians in the country, she requires the support of DJs, the media and the public.

“I am working hard to breakthrough the boundaries of Western Region and I’m very grateful to all who supports my music especially bloggers, DJs and presenters who have been helpful to my career, “Ayma said.

By Victoria Nana Amoh|Connect FM||Ghana

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