GIS students paint braces to commemorate this year’s World Clubfoot Day


To mark the world clubfoot day in Ghana, students of Ghana International School (GIS) have participated in braces painting exercise aimed at putting smiles on the faces of children with clubfoot, under the auspices of the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG).

CHAG is the second largest health service provider in Ghana, and in partnership with Non-governmental Organization, Hope Walks Ghana is treating children with clubfoot for free from ages 0-2 years.

The collaboration is geared towards creating clubfoot awareness and treatment.
CLUBFOOT is a birth defect in which one or both feet of a child is/are twisted inwards and downwards. About one in 1,000 babies born in Ghana have the deformity. Because the cause is largely unknown, the disease is considered as a curse with the belief that they are “river babies”, or “dwarf babies”. These beliefs and the high stigma associated with the deformity force some families to abandon their children.

But the good news is that the disease is treatable, since 2008 about 8, 000 children have received treatment.

In treating a child with clubfoot, there are two stages: The corrective Phase and the Maintenance Phase.

The Corrective Phase involves a series of manipulation, casting and tenotomy (minor surgical procedure).

The Maintenance Phase involves wearing of foot abduction brace.

At this stage, a clubfoot child wears the brace to maintain the correction that has been achieve till age five. In the first three months, the child will be in the brace for 23 hours in a day. Brace is taken off during bath time and exercise (stretches) is done for the baby’s foot. After three months, the child wears the braces during the night and nap time till age five to avoid clubfoot relapse or recurrence.

It is in this regard that birthed the project, “PAINT A BRACE TO PUT A SMILE ON A CLUBFOOT CHILD’S Face”. The project seeks to paint braces to make it colourful for the clubfoot children.

The Art Class of GIS was chosen to undertake this memorable exercise.

Programmes Manager of Hope Walks Ghana, Nana Afua Adutwumwaa Adjetey who led the team called on institutions, Agencies Schools, Media Houses, Telecommunication Companies, Embassies, Churches, Clubs etc. to join the project to put a smile on a clubfoot child’s face.

“We encourage all Ghanaians to accept this initiative, to replicate the collaboration we had with GIS”.

Parents are to visit the following partners for free clubfoot treatment.

37 Military Hospital, Osei Kwame Despite Block, Accra, every Thursday.
Tamale Teaching Hospital, Tamale, every, Thursday,
St. John of God Hospital, Duayaw-Nkwanta, Bono Ahafo, every, Wednesday.
SDA Hospital, Kwadaso, Kumasi, every Friday.
SDA Hospital, Gbawe, Accra. every Tuesday.

For more information on this call/whatsApp: 0244 879 948 and engage the Program Manager for CHAG/Hope Walks Clubfoot Project.


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