Girls in muslim communities advised to make education a priority

Some Mentors in a photo session with Mentees[/caption] Vice President of the Muslimah Mentorship Network, Hikmatu Iddrisu has encouraged girls in muslim communities to prioritize education in their lives. She believes education is what will liberate and empower them for the future. The network had engaged the girls at Badarul Munir Islamic School at Accra Newtown, during its monthly mentorship session. Activities held during the session included a one-one-one mentoring between mentors and mentees, as well as an open mic discussion which gave the girls a platform to express their views on the importance of education. Ms Hikmatu Iddrisu stressed the importance of having both Western and Islamic Education in the life of the young Muslim girl. She encouraged the girls to take both forms of education seriously as it will help them attain the pleasure of Allah and improve upon their lives. Ms Iddrisu also advised them to stay focused on their goals as they are of great importance to the Muslim community. “Stay focused in achieving your goals and aspirations because the community needs you,” she said. Sitting in for the Headmaster of the school, Mallam Mohammed Awal, a teacher, stressed on the importance of educating the girl child. He was thankful to the network for its role in mentoring the girls on the relevance of being a Muslim woman and setting standards in a country where few Muslim women are making strides. The Muslimah Mentorship Network is a network of young Muslim women who mentor and empower girls in Muslim communities.

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