Gifted with cancer


Where are you right now with your life? That’s the normal Question every one ask when they get hold of my situation. But i tell them that: At this point in my life, Alhamdulilah(may Allah be praised) I have been gifted with cancer through out my body. Why do I call it a gift? I call it a gift because Allah has given me the chance to change my whole life in helping people thus given out my (dunya) material possessions.

As a family man with diverse background as an adjunct lecturer, Chartererd Systems Engineer and a petroleum management expert, but no one knows tommorrow they say as an akan Adage. I was so ignorant with the silver spoon in my mouth about my health in a large extent and was also on work all day trying to make ends meet. little did I know that there’s is a gift called cancer that can let you respect life and everything in it.

The cost of treatment,depression, anxiety, Pain and the Stigma associated with being diagnosed with cancer is hell bound in Africa. Particularly Ghana. False Friends and Current close will fall off for you to meet the right ones. Nobody will take you serious as cancer patience because the stereotype is so deep that everyone thinks you can’t survive life and death is always an albatross around your neck. This is a social Canker we need to check and correct. Having cancer is not a death sentence. There’s always hope.

Few years ago, I was giving timeline for my survival but favor is taking control and I am still living. Getting cancer has taught me alot and my care for humanity no matter your background.

Having cancer has opened my eyes to soon many things. Especially the little things in life like breathing fresh air which I always took for granted. Now it cost me to get clean air to breath which make me find my self at the beach always.

I was diagnosed of Stage 4 cancer few years ago and given only seven months to live. Upon hearing the news of my cancer, I was forced by my cancer to reduce the strength I had in my successful business with my partners in Italy, Switzerland and Russia. I was force to put a stop to alot of normal accustomed lifestyle. I got rid of everything I had and everything changed for me because I want to leave this world with without anything.

When I got wind of my stay on earth was only 7months by my Doctors, I got rid of my clothes and everything and gave it out as Saddaqa(Alms) to alot of deprived people in villages in the western region of Ghana. With grace and care I am several years alive today.
So I am on a mission to give out my Dunya(Earthly possessions). This is an extent of sacrifice I am making through my partners who have been very instrumental to keep me alive.

My interest in Earthly possessions (Dunya) has left me abruptly and holds no play in my heart anymore.

Driving my luxurious cars does not cross my mind anymore. If someone tells you that you are sick and you have less time to live, You will see that chasing cars and earthly possessions are wrong goals. I got to realize that my interest in earthly things doesn’t benefit me in anyway.

This cancer has caused me to dedicate my entire life and wealth to those who are far more not fortunate to have my knowledge or possession after my Emotional journey to Africa Bawia and Kambunli for Jihad and traditional health care through Panways Foundation of Italy and Switzerland respectively.

I was always at the cemetery to visit one of my friends who died of cancer and also preparing my self for after world. I always through humility realized that after they drop you at the cemetery, There’s no one for you. No mother,No father, sister or brother except your deeds and (saddaqa) that is almsgiving which is going to free your time in the grave until you get to your maker. Even your money is not going to be there for you. My biggest joy is to feed my loyal pigeon birds and Rabbits, Dealing with my medicinal Plant gardens and Reading and Reasoning of global socio-political issues. These things gives me joy. I don’t need much to live. Even though I used to be an atheist and question why the sky God gave me this
sickness, I still believed and had hope. That shows the strength having cancer brings.
I am always bent on what prophet of Allah said. “He who loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him but he who hates to meet Allah, Allah Hates to meet him”

When ever I am in severe pain I forced to tasked Allah to take my life but I know his time is the best.I am very willing to meet Allah any day.

My humble appeal to the National Government is to prioritize cancer and include in National Health Insurance Scheme because it very expensive for cancer and it’s related care in our various healthcare facilities.

Cancer is eating us up especially the remote areas and they attributes it to superstition which is wickedness on the part of leadership to sensitize citizens on need to seek appropriate healthcare.

The less privileged is always short changed for the the worst. People can’t afford chemotherapy not to talk of after care. It’s really alarming. My gratitude goes to Dr. Brescia and his Wife Dr Franca of Italy with Prof. Maurizio zadra and Prof. Guilia lori all of Switzerland and Italy Respectively. Not forgetting my royal Family both nuclear and External. You love for me has been exceptional.

I always pray for Allah to give me (shifa) cure and keep me around for a long time so I can continue to do his work for humanity because believe there’s an unfinished business for humanity that I need to complete. Which I am confident it shall come to past.

I urge all the Youth in to take good care of themselves and manage a well resourced lifestyle. Refrain from Alcohol and other health threatening life styles. In as much as you have cancer as gift from Allah,It’s extremely expensive to manage.

By Dr Patrick Ekye Kwesie

The writer is a Chartered Engineer and a Petroleum Management Consultant.


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