GHS dismisses Ebola reports

Surveillance has been intensified in Ghana as a result of the outbreak in DR Congo[/caption] The Ghana Health Service (GHS) says reports that health authorities are suppressing news of cases of Ebola in the country are false. There were recent reports – just like in the past – that Ebola cases have been recorded in Ghana in the face of the recent outbreak in DR Congo and the authorities are suppressing broadcast. “We want to state emphatically that the report is false and misleading and that there is no such incidence of Ebola in Ghana,” a statement signed by Director-General Anthony Nsiah-Asare on Monday said. “Ebola is a highly infectious condition such that when there is an outbreak in a community there is no way the National Health System can keep it secret from the public.” The Service recently issued alerts to all its offices across the nation for surveillance to be intensified. READ: GHS sends nationwide alert over Ebola “We want to assure the public that since the reported outbreak in DR Congo, the surveillance system has been intensified including the Points of Entries to detect any case should it occur.” The World Health Organisation (WHO) has played down concerns that the recent outbreak in central Africa has reached emergency level. The Ghana Health Service says though the outbreak in DR Congo is on a local level, countries have been asked to “strengthen their preparedness to address any Public Health Emergency”. “We want to assure Ghanaians and all persons living in Ghana that we are there to promote their welfare and safety.” The latest outbreak in DR Congo comes after a devastating one in West Africa which left thousands dead in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

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