Ghana’s Strongest: Four athletes to battle in the final on July 3

L-R: Godfred Akobila, Bright Appiah [SWAT], Ebenezer Amos [Chilling] and Prosper Dakora
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Nine weeks of strength display by a near-perfect assembly of strong men in Ghana has produced four finalists who are set to battle for the ultimate prize in season 11.

Godfred Akobila, Ebenezer Amos, Bright Appiah, and Prosper Dakora are the men for this year’s Ghana’s strongest final.

Here’s a look at the season.

The traditional deadlift, squat, and bench presses have been seen so far across the season. There have also been the Lua Lua and Keg Toss that have tested the 10 athletes in this season’s Ghana Strongest.

Exactly half were rookies, attempting this show for the very first time while the experienced ones showed their knowledge and grit. After several weeks of going through various challenges, Prosper, Godfred, Chilling and Swat have made it to the grand finale.

This will be Akobila’s fifth final appearance but yet to conquer his opponents to annex the title but will hope to change the narrative this time.

Prosper is considered by many as the favourite this year, due to the immense power he has showed in this season’s challenges. He has emerged 1st runner-up in the last two finals, but wants to make this his.

Swat made his first appearance in the final of Ghana’s Strongest last season and has repeated the trick this year. He has swept aside most of his opponents in this season’s journey. With a four-year experience in Ghana’s best sports reality show, Bright Appiah will be looking to remind everyone, that the best can come from the west.

Chilling, a 24-year-old would expect a tough time in Sunday’s final. He has yet to taste a final and this brings him the perfect opportunity to cause an upset.

Who wins season 11 of Ghana’s strongest? We can only wait and see.

By: Bill Eshun|3Sports|Ghana

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