Ghana’s Strongest 2021: Meet the 10 contestants for the Champion of Champions edition

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10 contestants in the 2021 edition of the Ghana’s Strongest show will for the next 13 weeks compete amongst themselves for the bragging right of being adjudged the strongest man in Ghana.

This is the 10th anniversary of TV3’s Ghana’s Strongest show, thus organizers decided to bring on board previous winners as well as serious competitors to challenge for the ultimate prize.

All 10 have the same objective, that is to win, but what is their story? Find out below.

Ahmed Boakye – True definition of Never Give Up

Ahmed Boakye says his moniker is Aduro bia enka dan mu’ which translates as ‘All medicines should remain indoors’. But it wouldn’t be out of place if he takes up ‘Never Give Up’ because of his story in the competition.

Boakye, also known as Ronnie Coleman, failed six times before his crowning moment in 2020. In his first appearance in 2013, Boakye finished 6th.

Coleman was 5th in 2014, 4th in 2015 and then 3rd in 2016 as he reached the final for the first time.

He thought his steady rise would continue in 2017, but unfortunately, he was 3rd again. He returned in 2019 to finish 3rd.

In all his failed attempts, he never thought about giving up on his dream of being the strongest man in Ghana. His dream became a reality last year. With a point total of 96 on the final day, his name was loudly mentioned as the winner.

After suffering to the top, Boakye is not ready to let go of his enviable title. He is determined to hold onto it by winning this year’s edition.

He stated emphatically that the title “is in the hands of man!”

Bra Tubu – Overcoming injuries

With Ghana’s strongest having helped him become a “better version” of himself, Bra Tubu, real name Francis Amonu is hoping to finally lay hands on the trophy and make the people of Central region proud. 

Tubu’s journey in the competition has been heartbreaking. In all his three appearances, injuries got the better of him. Tubu quit in 2018, but he is back this year because he has unfinished business.

“I am here 2021 to bring the title home, but if the title doesn’t come home, they shouldn’t be disappointed.

This is a competition and anything can happen; injuries, whatever can happen. But the main deal is to bring the title home,” he stressed.

Tubu has been a bodybuilder for the past 18 years. According to him, there is this long-held view that bodybuilders are influenced by drugs.

“The body has its limit so if you are natural, you will get to your limit and if you go on drugs, you will get to your limit. But bear in mind, after bodybuilding there is life,” he advised.

Charles Kobla – The inexperience beast

Charles Kobla acknowledges he is inexperienced, but his ambition is no different from the other contestants. Nicknamed Boogie Down, Kobla had a feel of the competition last year, so this is his second appearance.

“I am privilege to be part of the champions. I think I have something great in me to prove to people out there. There are a lot of people stronger than me, but they are scared to take this step that I have taken and I want to send a message out there to them that, don’t let your body determine your strength. Every man was born as a beast,” the Greater Accra region native said.

Despite his inexperience, he oozes confidence.

“I am heading to the final. I am saying this with faith and zeal.”

Kobla, through Ghana’s strongest, now owns a clothing line – Boogie Down Nima – and a brand ambassador for an energy drink.

Amos Ebenezer – Third time lucky?

Amos Ebenezer, who prefers to be called, Chilling is making his third appearance this season. In his first appearance in 2019, he was evicted after making the top 10.

The following year, Chilling made progress as he placed sixth.

“I am back this year to fight for the first position. I keep improving every year so let’s hope for the best. I am going to prove myself,” Amos said.

Chilling also sees this competition as an opportunity to ‘eradicate’ the perception that bodybuilders are ‘rascals’.

Prosper Dakora – 6th, 2nd, 1st?

Dakora, representing the Ashanti region, has set sights on the ultimate, having made massive progress last year. In what was his second appearance, Dakora was among the finalist and finished second.

He wasn’t surprised to be sixth in his first attempt because he found things difficult.

“Even though I am not a champion yet I am ready for this year’s game because it is a men’s game and I am a man like the others,” said Dakora.

Home Boy – Time to take the crown Home

Home Boy, real Eric Asa Boadu, is back after a long absence and is determined to take the title to the Ashanti region.

According to him, he quit Ghana’s strongest in 2015 when a serious injury curtailed his dream of winning the trophy. But after five years of working hard, Home Boy is confident of success.

Despite not being a champion, the competition has been of immense benefit. He said; “Ghana’s strongest opens so many opportunities. You get the fame, people love you and at the same time, if you need a job it is easy to get it.”

Power – Not Vagabonds

Christian Adehe, popularly known as Power, is worried some people think bodybuilders are ‘vagabonds’ and ‘violent’. According to him, bodybuilding is an expensive game, which deserves respect.

Power is making his third appearance and just like the other nine, he wants to be crowned Champion of Champions.

Bright Appiah – The SWAT man

Bright Appiah, nicknamed the SWAT man, is a police officer stationed at Western regional SWAT. He is making his third appearance after contesting in 2018 and 2019.

In both years, SWAT man could not live up to expectations. He was 7th in 2018 and then climbed up to 5th in 2019. Last year, he didn’t take part.

Appiah confessed his first appearance was very tough and that he nearly collapsed in one of the games.  

He feels a huge burden to win the title this year to prove to Ghanaians that the police service is “very strong”.

Shaka Zulu – Back doing what he loves

Shaka Zulu, real name Damian Smith, has suspended his work in the United States of America to compete in this year’s competition.

Shaka Zulu, who was crowned champion in 2017 and 2018, says he couldn’t afford to miss Champion of Champions having missed out on the last two editions. He flew to Ghana to “do what he loves”.

Based in USA, Shaka Zulu took part in Africa’s Strongest competition in South Africa in 2018 and placed second.

Mustapha Arhin – May Weather seeking first crown

May Weather does not have a title but his consistency has made him popular and lovable. Mustapha Arhin is one of the pioneers but unfortunately, the title has eluded him for the past nine years.

In as much as he feels disappointed, May Weather is benefiting from the show. He is the brand ambassador for GHACEM – the official sponsor of Ghana’s strongest.

His objective for Champion of champions is to win. May Weather is absolutely confident he will take home the title.


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