Ghana's first Comprehensive Building Code is a Game Changer – Dr. Bawumia

The Vice President , Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has extolled the value of a Building Code for Ghana, saying it will ensure that Government gets value for the money expended on infrastructure investments. A rigorous application of the Code, which he describes as “a document that is long overdue but which has finally been delivered,” would also make it possible to have fairly accurate and uniform costs for all types of construction in the country, and provide safety guarantees, according to Vice President Bawumia. Vice President Bawumia made these remarks when he launched the first ever comprehensive Building Code for Ghana, GS1207: 2018, in Accra on Wednesday 31st October, 2018. The 38-part, 1700 page document sets out requirements and recommendations for efficiency standards for Residential and Non-Residential buildings and covers planning, management and practices in the construction of buildings. Launched a few months after Government organized a Value For Money Conference to urgently develop and propose strategies that will help put an end to the practice of inflating Government contracts, Vice President Bawumia emphasized the importance of the Building Code, describing it as a key component of the Nana Akufo-Addo government’s determination to formalize the Ghanaian economy and ensure Value for Money in public construction works. “Building Codes are critically important in all countries. They specify the requirements needed for all aspects of building and construction. They also ensure value for money by providing a yardstick against which all construction-related procurement can be measured. In this regard, I will like to emphasize that the Ghana Building Code being launched today should be a game-changer as far as ensuring Value-For-Money in public construction in Ghana,” he stated. After the gazetting of the Code, materials used in construction, buildings, schools, roads, hospitals and all types of public construction works must use materials that are in line with the standards specified in the Ghana Building Code. This, Vice President Bawumia stated, would make it possible to have fairly accurate and uniform costs for all types of construction in the country, and provide safety guarantees. “This is definitely expected to provide satisfactory costs for construction projects and ensure achievement of Value for Money. The Ghana Building Code will make Ghana safer. With the launching of the Code and the passing of the necessary legislation, we can provide relief to the people of Ghana from collapsing buildings as well as assuring the safety of private, public and industrial buildings.” To ensure its widespread adoption and use, all local government authorities and training institutions will be provided with copies, Vice President Bawumia announced, while the soft copy is made available online by the Ghana Standards Authority. Hard copies will also be available for purchase at the offices of the GSA.

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