Ghana’s a beautiful country but. . . – US-based gospel musician Edd Agyapong

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America-based Ghanaian gospel singer Edd Agyapong has highlighted some bad actions that are dwarfing the beauty of Ghana compared to other countries.

According to Edd Agyapong, the lack of proper structures and the implementation of systems is making Ghana lose its beauty.

He told Giovani on the 3FM Drive that he always tells colleagues and friends in the USA that Ghana is the most beautiful place to visit but he believes we need to fix the system.

When asked if it was a call on the government, Edd said the onus lies on every citizen in Ghana to work and fix the lapses.

He described the government as everyone and added that doing the right thing in one’s corner contributes to national development.

“We all have to fix the system. The system has to be fixed. All of us. We always want to put it on our leaders but you see we voted them into power so we all just help fix it.”

Watch the video below:

Source: King Kwaku Mensa|Accra|Ghana

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