Ghanaians suffer anytime NDC is in power – Ex-Prez Kufour

Former President John Agyekum Kufour says Ghanaians should vote on December 7, 2012 based on the need to advance the country.

He said electorates should not vote by virtue of colour, tribe or religion of a presidential candidate but rather vote for a candidate who has the country’s development at heart.

The ex-president was addressing a gathering of Muslims in Kumasi.

Ex-Prez Kufour joined them to pray for peaceful elections – and for the New Patriotic Party’s quest to re-capture power.

He said as citizens, Ghanaians should vote for a candidate who can better the living standard in the country.

He said Ghanaians must vote back the NPP since they suffer anytime the National Democratic Congress is in power.

“If we will be truthful to ourselves, anytime the NDC is in power, Ghanaians tend to suffer,” he said.

“Our brothers in the NDC are not able to sustain a good economy. What is more, they are power-drunk. Therefore, they tend to intimidate us. It was under the NDC government that there was the advent of machomen.”

The party’s vice presidential candidate, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, called on the NPP supporters to vote massively for the party in order to bring back some of the good policies they enjoyed under the Kufour government.


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