Ghanaians likely to eat unhealthy meat as veterinary staff strike

Unwholesome meat and meat products could flood the country’s markets following the withdrawal of services by veterinary technicians over non-payment of their market premium.

The veterinary professionals are responsible for checking the wholesomeness of meat and meat products from the various abattoirs in the country. It is also their duty to vaccinate animals and prevent disease-infected animals from entering the country.

But the professionals on Wednesday embarked on a nationwide strike to demand payment of their market premium, which they say has not been paid for the past years.

According to them, they have since 2011 been in talks with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to ensure they are given an interim market premium after they were omitted from the health workers beneficiaries.

In line with the implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure [SSSS], the workers on the veterinary service department were put under the health sector class in 2009.

All workers of the health sector classification under the SSSS were given interim market premium except the veterinary para professionals.

They claim although veterinary surgeons have been enjoying market premium except the para professionals who play a complementary role and are the first point of contact in most disease outbreaks have been neglected.

National President of the group, Emmanuel Eshun told journalists in Kumasi Wednesday that since 2010, countless petitions have been sent to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.

Source: By Benjamin Aidoo

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