Ghanaian woman, 57, dies trying to cross to Canada

A Ghanaian woman has been found dead near the US-Canada border and police say she died of “possible hypothermia”. Mavis Korkor Larnyoh Otuteye, 57, was found dead near Noyes, Minnesota, the closest American community to Emerson, Manitoba in Canada. “It is believed that Mavis was attempting to enter Canada at the time of her death,” Kittson County Sheriff’s Department wrote in a statement. The deceased was last seen in northwestern Minnesota on May 22 but was reported missing three days later. Canadian website CTV News reports that the investigation into Ms Otuteye’s death was carried out by the Kittson County Sheriff’s Department with assistance from the U.S. Border Patrol. The case is still under investigation. Border crossing by illegal migrants is said to have surged as a result of fear from a possible clampdown by the Donald Trump administration. Another Ghanaian – 24-year-old Seidu Mohammed – was found attempting to cross to Canada last week. Losing his fingers from frostbite and nearly freezing to death in the process, Seidu Mohammed was granted refugee status in Canada as he claimed he faced persecution in Ghana because he is bisexual. By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana ]]>

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