‘Ghanaian politics is getting dirtier by the day’

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Panelists on Thursday edition of the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show have concurred that politics is indeed a dirty game. The panelists who debated the issue were undivided in their opinion.

According to Financial Analyst at the Dalex Finance Company Joe Jackson, politics is a dirty game because of issues of back-stabbing.

He argues that “politics as practised in Ghana is dirty especially the back-stabbing…the fact that people go into politics to make money all that put together make politics dirty”.

Joe Jackson also spoke about the deteriorating factor. “What has happened is that over time, people who want to remain pure and clean have stayed off politics. As a result of that politics, the thugs, thieves and others have now taken up that space in politics, making it become even dirtier than it was before”.

He was however quick to warn of the likely implications if the citizenry stay uninvolved. “It is only in the last few years with the rise of groups like OccupyGhana that you see people with reasonably clean hands trying to get into politics and speaking up because the punishment of the wise in refusing to get involved is being ruled by the foolish, the thugs, thieves and all the other description we’ll give to some of these persons in politics currently”

For insurance analyst Edgar Wiredu, the activities around the critical decisions of the distribution of limited resources are what account for the unpleasant issues that evolve, making it a dirty game.

“It is the activities around the decisions; the politicking or how to make sure the decisions are taken, that result in the game being dirty. So at the end of the day people use dubious means to get their results; because at the end of the day, you should be able to win over your competitor. People therefore adopt all strategies including spewing of venom, backbiting, blackmailing persons in the opponent’s camp just to ensure their ideas and proposals win.

“That is when the dirty game comes in,” he added.

By Mercy C. Adjabeng |3FM, 92.7



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