Ghanaian MP tips Hillary to win US presidency

Hillary Clinto named her running Democratic mate on Friday
Hillary Clinto named her running Democratic mate 
Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, Emmanuel Kwasi Bandua, has tipped Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, to win today’s US presidential election, which opened few hours ago.
He argued that judging from the foreign policies of the Democrat candidate, both Africans and immigrants would feel safe under her presidency, hence would vote massively for the former US first lady.
Speaking on Onua FM, Mr Bandua who is the Member of Parliament for Biakoye, however said he will not be disappointed if Donald Trump is given the nod although he disagrees with the Republican’s foreign policies.
Corey Lewandowski (left) has left the campaign for reasons that are unclear
Corey Lewandowski (left) has left the campaign for reasons that are unclear
On his part, ranking member of the Committee and MP for Subin, Isaac Osei, said some statements made by Donald Trump on the campaign trail are ‘scary’ and doubts if those who will be affected by those statements will vote for him.
According to him, it would be difficult for Trump to continue with Obama’s policies on international relations.
“We all know his stance on foreign policies and it is not looking good. Things Donald says when it comes to immigrants are scary and I don’t think that will receive favourable vote from the immigrants who have votes,” he observed.
Meanwhile, the UK Mirror is reporting early signs favour Hillary Clinton, noting, “All signs at the moment signal a Clinton win. Not only are some pollsters giving the Democratic candidate a lead.
According to the Mirror, there are also signs of a large turnout among Hispanic communities, which Mrs Clinton hopes will favour her.
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