Ghanaian escapes from predatory pirates after 1,000 days in captivity

File photo[/caption] A Ghanaian mariner, Jewel Ahiagble, who worked on contract as an Electrical Engineer on a vessel which was hijacked by Somali pirates for about 1000 days in 2009, has survived narrowly to give a harrowing account of the voyage. Opening up for the first time since the crew’s rescue in 2012, Mr. Ahiagble recounted the chilling tale of torture, violent abuses, deaths, anxiety and trauma to host Winston Amoah on the #RoadtoGlory segment of 3FM’s Sunrise. He gives a graphic account of how he got on board the ship, how it was taken over by the pirates, the maltreatment the crew was subjected to and how they were rescued on December 25, 2012. Ahead of the launch of a book, which captures all the details of the voyage, Mr. Ahiagble spoke to 3FM in the sound below: Source:|Ghana]]>

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