Ghana will reduce dependency on fossil fuel – Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has renewed government’s commitment to focus on developing opportunities in the country’s renewable energy sector to reduce dependency on the use of fossil fuel. Speaking at the maiden founders’ conference of the International Solar Alliance in Delhi, India, the president promised the Ghana will embrace solar to enhance prosperity, energy security and sustainable development. “Government is keen on developing utility scale solar energy projects as well as accelerating the development of many great solutions in off grid island communities for lighting, irrigation and other economic activities,” he said. For Ghana to achieve that, he said, the country would have to build relevant domestic capacity in the manufacture and assembling of solar energy systems and accessories within Ghana. The first founders’ conference of the alliance, the largest congregation, attracted some 90 countries from all over the world. With some 121 countries appreciating the idea of the alliance, 60 have agreed to the treaty with some 24 others, including Ghana, have assented and ratified to ensure the used of solar energy across the world. The summit aims at paving the way for innovation and aggregation in the solar sector while encouraging strong partnership to mobilise more than 1000 trillion dollars for investment towards capacity building measures, policy innovation and projects by year 2030. It also saw the symbolic lighting launch of the alliance to signify members’ commitment to making solar energy the power of the future. President Akufo-Addo the establishment of the solar alliance “is very appropriate in today’s circumstances” noting “This is why Ghana did not hesitate in ratifying the agreement”. French president and founding leader, Emmanuel Macron, called for renewed commitment to achieve set targets of the alliance. Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi who is the force behind the alliance reiterated India’s unflinching resolve to support initiative to meet its targets.

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