Ghana-US deal bad regardless any modifications – Kwesi Pratt

A leading member of the Ghana First Patriotic Front campaign, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has vowed to resist the implementation of the controversial Ghana- USA military cooperation agreement.  

The deal, in his view, is a bad one regardless any modifications.

“I have heard people say that let us review the agreement, let’s change some clauses. No matter the number of clauses we change in this agreement, it will remain a very bad agreement. This agreement cannot be changed and cannot be improved. It is a bad agreement and we ought to reject it”, he stated.

The Ghana – USA military cooperation agreement was ratified by parliament on March 23 amidst some controversy.

The implementation of the deal is expected grant US military personnel, defense contractors and agents among other executive officials unrestricted access to Ghanaian facilities for military and humanitarian purposes, a situation many including the Ghana First Patriotic Front fear will compromise the sovereignty of the country.

At a public forum in Accra Wednesday, Mr. Pratt said the battle to overturn the agreement has just started and that they will resist it despite its ratification.

“I have heard some people say but the agreement has been signed already, so what? The bond of 1844 was signed and yet we fought against it and got freedom from colonialism and we would do it again”, he said.

He maintained that as far as he is concerned their campaign against the implementation of the agreement is “the second battle of the Ghanaian people against colonialism and foreign domination”.

The group has since the ratification of the agreement galvanized support from interest groups and staged a demonstration to overturn the agreement.

Meanwhile, convener of the group, Edem Abgana, described as disappointing, the address of the president on the matter and reiterated the commitment of the group to fight until their concerns are addressed.

“We’re not giving up on the fight, the struggle continues until the specific issues we have raised are addressed”, he stated.

Member of Parliament for the North Tongu constituency, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, also observed that the president Nana Akufo-Addo failed to show leadership with respect to the agreement.

Former Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier Joseph Nunoo-Mensah who also contributed to the forum said Ghanaians lack the moral courage to offer a candid advice to the president regarding the deal.

“We have all behaved the same, we don’t tell the truth, we don’t have moral courage to speak our minds that is our biggest problem in this country”, he noted.

“If people with the president tell him, Mr. President, with all due respect, I don’t believe we’re doing the right thing, he wouldn’t have done it”, he added.


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