Ghana Tonight starts on TV3 Monday

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The Ghana Tonight daily news analysis show starts airing on TV3, Monday July 25 at 10PM.

Explaining the rationale behind the show, General Manager of News at TV3, Michael Oti Adjei, said the programme gives context to analysis of happenings in the jurisdiction and also elsewhere.

He said “we are setting up a news programme that gives more context to analysis and allows us to be as heavy on the analytical side.”

Alfred Ocansey, former presenter of the News 360 on TV3, is the host of the Ghana Tonight.

Explaining his selection as the anchor, Mr Oti Adjei said “I think for a very long time he has been one of the topmost news anchors in Ghana, I think he is the topmost news anchors in Ghana. Alfred was doing news he comes here and read the news and does great interviews on 360 but it doesn’t allow him the opportunity to explore the subject many ways.

“Also, if you look at the form for Ghana Tonight, we tell you everything that is happening during the day in the first five minutes then Alfred then goes in and breaks it down into the heavy conversation and do a lot of significant conversations around them.”

“For us he is the best person to pioneer this show,” he stressed.

Alfred Ocansey also explained how different the show will be from the others.

“People need information, beyond just opinions they need to know exactly why something should concern them. Why should they worry about Ghana going to IMF? Why should they worry about, for instance, we building a cathedral at the expense of something else?

“We need to bring the conversation home and so we are not going to engage in convoluted language and confusing conversation, we are going to be having everyday conversation that will bring meaning and understanding to the people.

“We are talking about inflation, we are not going to be engaging in so much of the figures, I will serve the figures to you but ow does it affect you in your kitchen and in your pocket.”


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