Ghana’ Strongest 2018: Africa Mayweather, 5 others secure spots in Accra audition

Selected contestants from the Accra audition of Ghana’s Strongest[/caption] Affectionately cheered as Africa Mayweather, Mustapha Arheine and five others have come top of competition to take part in the 2018 edition of TV3’s reality show, Ghana’s Strongest. The audition train has in the past few weeks moved from Tamale through Kumasi and made the final stop in Accra, Saturday, June 23, at the Mantse Agboona, in James Town, where Mustapha Arheine, Christian Adehe, Ishmael Sarpart, Phillip Ameda, Samual Awuah aka Blackman, and Raymond Roberson were selected for the reality show. What started off as a disappointing performance, at least in the words of Commissioner, Daniel Budu and announcer, Fausta Baffoe, who compared it to that of the Kumasi audition, ended on a high pitch. [caption id="attachment_89658" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Ghana Strongest1 The Accra audition of Ghana’s Strongest took place at the Mantse Agboona, James Town[/caption] In four different stages, all 11 contestants took turns to perform challenging tasks ranging from bench press, dead lifts, squats and endurance drills. Some were impressive at it, while others found it challenging, others too simply withdrew along the line. At the end of all four rounds, Mustapha Arheine aka Africa Mayweather came up first, beating all 10 contestants in all tasks. It was a straight win for him. Celebrating his victory ‘Africa Mayweather’ says he has no co-equal in the contest. “NOOOOBOODY”, he screams. “I don’t play with my training, I’m disciplined” he touts his success. For his source of power, Africa Mayweather said “this is naturally from God”. Christian Adehe, whom the announcer described as young and promises came up second while Ishmael Sarpart, Phillip Ameda had a tie followed by Raymond Robertson. Meanwhile, Samuel Awuah aka Blackman, who failed in the Kumasi audition, made a second appearance in Accra and qualified narrowing to be among the top six. Interestingly, the Accra audition witnesses an appearance by a 53 year old Kofi Awuku, being the oldest to ever audition for Ghana’s strongest. Unfortunately, he could not matchup to be selected. Regardless, he was commended for the effort and show of bravado. [caption id="attachment_89657" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Kofi Awuku Kofi Awuku is a 53 year old man who participated in the Accra audition of Ghana’s Strongest.[/caption]

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