Ghana Police denies shielding officers who misconduct themselves

File Police personnel ‘torturing’ suspect in Koforidua[/caption] The Ghana Police Service has rejected assertions that it has been shielding its personnel who misconduct themselves. Director General of the Police Public Affairs Department, ACP David Senanu Eklu advised the public to “be very careful in suddenly concluding that once you see a police officer misconducting himself, he’s always left off the hook”. Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a three-day training programme for senior police which ended in Accra Thursday, ACP Eklu insisted officers who misconduct themselves are taken through the laid down police disciplinary procedures. “When you’re interdicted as per police service regulations you’re to be taken through a 3-month disciplinary proceedings; assigned to a senior police officer who would try you. This would take 21 days after the report is sent to the police headquarters where there are five police officers who constitute the central disciplinary board” he said. The acting Inspector General of Police James Oppong-Baonuh recently directed the immediate interdiction and investigation of two officers stationed at the railways police station in Koforidua after they were captured in a viral video on social media torturing a suspect. The public criticized the police for not carrying out such service enquires to its logical conclusion. But ACP Eklu insisted cannot be accurate. “I know that for every officer who suffers any major punishment dismissal or removal, there’s always a counsel it is a very transparent process and at times the decision ends up in the court where the court decision is made,” he stated. The Director General said the police are preparing a report on actions taken against officers for 2018 and same would be made public soon. He indicated that the Police Service will not object to an independent body investigating any of its officers but was quick to add the rights of the officers must also be protected. “I don’t think we have any objection to an independent body handling misconducts. The question is how are we going to establish it, who and who would be playing a leading role, how are we going to ensure there’s transparency even in that process so that the rights of police officers can also be guaranteed. I think it would strengthen the accountability we are all looking for,” he said.

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