Ghana marking time; there’s no national agenda – Hilla Limann’s daughter

Zilla Liman, wife of hiplife ‘godfather’ Reggie Rockstone, has bemoaned the lack of a national agenda to propel Ghana’s development.

She notes that Ghana is still marking time because the country’s leaders have not put in place a clear cut agenda or plan to be followed by all political parties.

The daughter of Ghana’s third president Dr. Hilla Limann, who ruled Ghana from September 24, 1979 to December 31, 1981, noted that the lack of an agenda is thwarting development.

Zilla, speaking in an interview, together with her husband, on TV3’s New Day with Berla Mundi, said: “I definitely think that we should have a national agenda and a national plan because from what we’ve seen in the past, how many years all we see is one political party takes over, they have all these great plans they want to do, they start the plans, another party comes [and] the plans are all thwarted.”

“New plans begin again so we don’t move. We are marking time we go forward, we come back, we go forward,” she noted.

The wife of the rapper explained that the only key for development is an agenda that will be followed by all political parties.

“If we have a national agenda, national plan, it doesn’t matter [which party is in power], tere is a national agenda we are following. Somebody starts something the next person continues. We will move forward,” she said.

While she has no plans of following her late father’s footsteps, Zilla narrated that “growing up and being a victim of politics, it has never been in the fall for me to do politics. I’ve never even really thought about it.

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“But right now where we are and looking at Ghana as a whole and now realising that Ghana is ours and the way certain things go and you just can’t fathom why things happen the way they happen,” she observed she has had the urge to go into politics but she disclosed that one of her siblings is venturing into it.

Watch full interview below: