Ghana lags behind in milk production and consumption

Ghana is ranked among the least producers and consumers of milk in the world, despite the enormous health benefits of the dairy product. Addressing an event to commemorate World Milk Day, the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture at KNUST, Professor Joseph Sarkodie-Addo, said the deficiency in milk production affects the pattern of growth and productivity of the population. According to dieticians, milk is an important part of a healthy balance diet. Frequent consumption of milk is good for maintenance of blood pressure, strengthening of bones, maintenance of immune system, and skin health among other health conditions. But Ghana has been classified among the least countries when it comes to milk production and consumption. At a forum to mark World Milk Day in Kumasi, Professor Joseph Sarkodie-Addo observed the country is neither producing nor consuming enough milk in spite of its numerous health benefits. He said most Ghanaian children are not getting the adequate nutrients they need to grow well because of the low milk production. “We are not doing enough as a country to promote the production and consumption of milk. Lack of consumption of milk affects the growth of the country because so many children lack the adequate nutrients to grow well”. Professor Sarkodie-Addo emphasized the need for persons, irrespective of age, to consume milk on frequent basis. In 2001, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization set aside June 1 as World Milk Day to recognize the importance of milk as a global food. The day provides an opportunity to bring attention to activities that are connected with the dairy sector. The Dairy and Meat Science and Technology Students at the KNUST’s Department of Animal Science organized the forum to mark World Milk Day on the theme: “Milk and Milk Products in Job Creation: The Role of the Dairy Scientist”. The students were advised to assist in increasing public education on the importance of milk consumption.

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By Ibrahim Abubakar|TV3||Ghana]]>