Ghana – Ivory Coast highway blocked at Apowa

A fully loaded Nigerian licenced articulated truck on has blocked the Ghana-Ivory Coast highway at Apowa in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region causing an unbearable gridlock. According to bystanders, the blockade happened around 9:00pm Monday while the articulated truck was meandering through a pothole-ridden section of the highway. The back tires of the truck got stuck in one of the potholes filled with mud, leaving the truck tilting dangerously on its side. When got to the scene of the blockade Tuesday afternoon, scores of residents, some with red clothes tied to their wrist and forehead, had blocked the road to all forms of vehicular movement  few meters to where the truck was stuck. They were happy that the truck had blocked the road, indicating that they were already planning on closing the road. “This truck is godsent. God has seen that we don’t deserve this treatment therefore this should be a warning to city authorities to fix the road before a major disaster happens,”  one resident said. The angry residents said the road has developed life threatening potholes and several appeals on city authorities to work on them have fallen on deaf ears. “Everyday you see trucks fully loaded with goods passing here. These trucks pay road toll. We want to ask what is that money used for,” another resident queried. They stated that even though the road serves as the only link between Ghana and Ivory Coast, authorities seem less bothered about its deplorable nature. “What frustrates us more is the trucks hauling managenese from Nsuta to the Takoradi Port. When they get here they drive carelessly”, a bread seller by the road Rebecca Penny said. Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia over the weekend used the road and the angry residents wondered whether he did not see how bad the road has become. Not even the heavy presence of Police personnel from the Kwesimentsim Police Command and the Takoradi RDF will scare the residents to remove the tires and furniture they have used to block the road. Three days ago, the Member of Parliament for Ahanta West Ebenezer Kojo Kum met the community and assured them that the ruts will fixed But they are less convinced as according to them, the MP’s assurance sounds like a broken record. They warned they will stage a well organized demonstration after the truck is lifted if city authorities fail to act in two weeks times. By Eric Yaw Adjei||Ghana]]>

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