Ghana is broke, hard decisions have to be taken – Joe Jackson

A Financial Analyst, Mr Joe Jackson has called for hard decisions to be taken by the government because the country is broke.

He was reacting to news that trainees under the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) scheme are going to receive their September to December allowance next year.

The Upper East Regional Coordinator of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), Khan Jambeidu, is reported to have told A1 Radio that the stipends for the trainees owed in September, October, November, and December will be paid as soon as possible.

“As you are aware, we are experiencing an unusually long delay in the payment of stipends. We have not yet paid, which is a source of concern for us. But we’re always up to the challenge and working on it,” he said.

Commenting on this matter, Mr Jacosn said in a tweet that “Ghana is broke. The NABCO recruits have not been paid since September. #BrokeGhana #HardDecisions

Mr Jackson, had also said earlier that the government needed to increase the tax revenue because there is no money.

Mr Jackson said the introduction of the E-levy is meant to generate revenue for government expenditure as part of the move to widen the tax net.

“Ghana is still broke! We spend 50% of revenue on interest payments and 55 % on Salaries. Govt needs to increase tax revenue else we may not be able to even borrow more. Hence the proposed E-levy. #TaxTheWealthy #HardDecisions #BrokeGhana,” he tweeted.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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