Ghana has cheapest internet data price in W/A – Report

Ghana has the cheapest pricing for mobile internet data in sub-Saharan Africa, a report on world mobile internet data pricing has revealed.

The report, conducted by UK’s internet experts,, compared the cost of 1GB of mobile data across 6,148 mobile data plans in 230 countries.

The report ranks Ghana’s internet pricing the cheapest in West Africa and one of the cheapest in the world at an average price for 1GB mobile data at $0.66.

On the African continent, Ghana’s mobile internet data is ranked the 4th cheapest, behind Sudan, Algeria and Somalia.

Gambia’s mobile internet data is the most expensive, with an average pricing for 1GB data at $5.86, while Equatorial Guinea has the most expensive mobile internet data pricing in Africa with an average of $49.67 for 1GB of mobile data.


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