Ghana Gas cuts sod at Three Town Senior High School in Denu

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Ghana National Gas Company has cut sod for the construction of a 3-unit classroom block at the Three Town Senior High School in the Ketu South Municipal in the Volta region to improve upon teaching and learning.

The ceremony witnessed students, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), municipal educational director, representatives from Ghana Gas, traditional leaders, the landlord of Hedzranawo among others in attendance.

Three Town SHS was established in 1991 as a day school, making it among the oldest schools in southern Volta, until it was absorbed by the government of Ghana.

The name Three Town is a result of the school’s location in the heart of three towns Denu, Hedzranawo and Adafienu. Now the school has a boarding, science laboratory, among others.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Headmistress of the school, Margaret AdzoYawoo, was of the view that one of their burdens has been taken away by Ghana Gas, adding the school has grown from strength to strength and currently has a student population of 1,660 with staff strength of 134.

According to the headmistress, basic facilities such as places of convenience are lacking on the compound and students have to walk a long distance to ease themselves, in the bushes, while teachers will have to close for the day in search of a place to ease themselves.

She added that the school is noted for its academic prowess and the moral upbringing standard of the school is one of the best in the country.

“The school has helped to produce various categories of professionals in the region and the country as large,” she stated.

However, the same cannot be said of its structures and fixtures.

Three Town SHS is overwhelming with inadequate structures which have made life uncomfortable for both staff and students for many years, according to the headmistress.

“This situation is really affecting academic work in the school and needs immediate attention by the authorities,” Madam AdzoYawoo said, urging Ghana Gas to consider a “boys’ dormitory block for the school, a 12-unit classroom block and renovation of the school kitchen to improve our academic work in the school”.

“I believe strongly that upon competition of this project, a very conducive and inspiring environment will be created to enhance academic work. Again, the school is most grateful to Ghana Gas for such a move,” she added.

She also appealed to Ghana Gas to consider the problem of land space for the school so that this particular project is not roofed but flowed to maximize the use of the available land space for future use, noting how fast the school is growing.

Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive Maxwell Koffie Lugudor assured the school of sponsorship from other institutions and believes the current state of the school is in a deplorable state.

He, however, urged the students to take their academic work seriously, adding they should be self-disciplined at all times.

He said the Assembly will do everything possible to assist the school.

“The 3-units’ classroom block, I appealed Ghana Gas should make it 6-units classroom block,” he appealed.

Educational Director Michael Yao Tsuiatorfe appealed to Ghana Gas if the projects could be extended to other facilities.

He took time to talk about the deplorable state of the school and called for immediate assistance by asking “if they can assist with two bungalows for house masters to be able to house the student properly”. 

The Ghana Gas project, when completed, will assist Denu Three Town SHS to have a 3-unit classroom block.


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