Ghana Gas boss inspects projects in Wa

Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company Dr. Ben K.D. Asante together with his entourage has visited Wa, the Upper West Region capital, to inspect three Ghana Gas-sponsored projects.

At Kanpaha, a 3-unit classroom block project was yet to start.

The contractor assured that work will start and be completed soon.

He said that the MCE had asked him to build a borehole for the community and will start work on the 3-unit classroom block immediately that task is done with.

At the Sanchinga community, the construction of 3-unit classroom block was completed and awaiting commissioning for the project to be handed to the community.

The project boasts of ceiling, painting of the school, school furniture, and a mechanised borehole for the school.

Dr. Asante was impressed with work done.

“This is nice and I hope the children will put it in good use. At least, something good is done for the people of Sanchinga and their children,” he observed.

At Charingu, Ghana Gas is scheduled to construct another 3-unit classroom block and a mechanised borehole connected to the toilet.

The borehole project has been completed as scheduled.

The school boasts of furniture, mechanised borehole, ceiling, white board and connected electricity.

The Assembly man for the area, Hon. Fuseni, was pleased for Dr Ben Asante’s visit to his community and took the opportunity to appeal for a secondary school in the community.

Dr. Ben Asante requested for a full estimation of an abondoned and damaged school near-by to be considered for the community.

“Please ask for a full cost to be done so we can help,” he said.

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The Chief Executive Officer took the time to pump water at the community mechanised borehole.

Ghana Gas projects are in areas such as Piissi, a 3-unit classroom block, Charia, also a 3-unit classroom block and Sombo.

A 6-unit classroom block at a senior high school at Nadowli is also under construction.

All are yet to be inspected by Ghana Gas.



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