Ghana Gas board inspects ongoing projects in Atuabo


The Ghana National Gas Company Limited board including the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ben Asante, inspected ongoing projects in Atuabo in the Western Region over the weekend.

These projects are geared towards ensuring development in the Atuabo enclave. It is the intention of the gas company to provide these projects for workers and the community as a whole. They are: a trauma center, Ghana Gas lounge, a soap making factory for three communities namely Asemda, Anokye and Atuabo.

The entourage of the board and the CEO visited the Gas Processing Plant (GPP) to assess their operations after coming from a shutdown maintenance work done by the company a few months ago.

The delegation first called on the Chief of Atuabo, Awulae Amihere Kpanyinli III, who is also a board member, at his palace before proceeding to begin the inspection in the Atuabo enclave.

According to Dr. Ben Asante, it is the intention of the gas company to build the GPP Train 2 to spark development in the Atuabo enclave.

“It’s been a while since we intended to build GPP Train 2 and it is time for that dream to materialize,” he stated.

The trauma center consists of a surgery room to oversee major traumatic injuries such as falls, motor vehicle collisions, or gunshot wounds to all individuals and even referral cases from Ivory Coast it is close to the gas processing plants in the Western Region of Ghana.

The trauma center will have 16 beds for regular wards, 8 beds for the VIP ward for government officials, chief executives, board members of the gas company and important personalities and 4 beds for the High Dependency Unit. Ancillary facilities include Oxygen Cylinder Building, Radiology Department building, 2 Guard houses and a Helipad which will transport serious cases from far and near. Again, the trauma center will have offices for both doctors and nurses and a reception.

The soap factory will train women in soap making that will supply the contractors with locally made liquid soap.

The gas company has already trained twenty women from Asemda, Ankoye and Atuabo who will be starting the liquid soap making at the factory.

“Initially, we didn’t know whether the Train 2 was going to be built somewhere but we can confidently say, it will be built in Atuabo here, near the GPP,” Dr Ben Asante revealed.

The Ghana Gas GPP Train 2 will be bigger than the current GPP which will spark the economy here in Atuabo and Ghana as a country.

“If the Train 2 will come as planned, it will depend on that amount of gas that Tullow Ghana will give us as well. We are in talks all the time, we have to pay them before they bring us gas as agreed. We call something security, deposit which will guarantee them to supply us with the gas,” he said.

“Let’s say we have about 100 units of gas, Tullow will add additional 100 units of gas so it will be a total of 200 units.”

The board members including Stephen Sumani Nayina, Delphine Dogbegah, John Darko and Nana Owusu Amsah Ababio were impressed with the GPP after they shut down for maintenance work and assured engineers of its commitment to assist for all their operations.


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