Ghana Airport Company owes us millions of dollars – Ghana Meteo

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The Ghana Meteorological Agency (G-Met) has bemoaned that their work has been made very difficult due to the several millions of dollars owed them by the Ghana Airport Company and other institutions.

Speaking on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show Daily Weather Update on Thursday 16 June, 2022, the Chief Forecaster at the G-Met, Felicity Ahafianyo lamented to the host Alfred Ocansey that the Agency has to resort to manual calculations and analyses of the numerous data they work with because their Radar has been down for a long time.

“The Ghana Airport Company owes us huge sums of money, several millions of dollars. It is becoming disheartening for us and making our work very difficult though we are serving our country diligently. Our staff are suffering. Our radar has been down for some time now and we have to analyze our chats manually” she iterated

When asked whether the accuracy of their work is not affected, she assured that they are on top of their job. “All this data we generate, we input into the global data and it is intact. Even foreign meteorological agencies wonder how we are able to calculate manually and they come here to understudy how we do that”

The Weather Today 

The meteorological Agency is further cautioning those in the northern sector of Ghana to be extra careful because this is the time that the storms they will experience come with serious thunder, lightning and strong winds.

Fisher folks are also advised to do their activities probably in the evening but if they want to go fishing, they will have to exercise great caution.

For those on the Volta Coast it is not advisable to go fishing at all.  

By Samuel Afriyie Owusu||Ghana

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