Ghana Post to add banking to current services

Ghana Post
The Public Relation Officer (PRO) for Ghana Post, Ekow Painstil, has revealed to Onua News that they will soon add banking to their current business.
Speaking to Onua News, Mr Paintsil made it clear to the public that Ghana Post is still in existence but because of the various social media groups and email, people don’t patronize their services like previously.
“We have the mind of adding banking to our current business but is a gradual process,” he said.
“We have plans for it and very soon Ghanaians will see Ghana Post operating in different dimension and our mode of receiving money will be instant. It will not be a situation where by we will tell our customers that there is no money to give to them.”
Social media is helping people to send and receive message in the comfort of their homes and offices. This has made Ghana Post quite inactive.
About 80% of Ghanaians are said to resort to emails as a method of sending and receiving messages.
According to Mr Paintsil, introducing banking into the business will help boost the company and people will know that Ghana Post is still in existence.
In the past, Ghana Post was a major company that helped Ghanaians to communicate through letter writing.
But currently, there are several means Ghanaians communicate, making the work of Ghana Post seem non-existent.
By Bismark Nana Boateng|Onua FM||Ghana
Twitter: @3Newsgh

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