GFA moves secretariat to Tamale for upcoming Elective Congress


The () has temporarily relocated its Secretariat to in preparation for the upcoming GFA Elections scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 2023. This year's GFA Extraordinary Congress will also take place in Tamale.

The decision to move the Secretariat to the Northern Regional capital is aimed at ensuring that all necessary facilities and logistics are in place to facilitate a successful Congress. The of has a rich history of contributing to the of in the country, producing talented footballers and administrators.

The move to Tamale reflects the readiness and commitment of the football community in the region to host a successful 2023 GFA Elective Congress.

The Congress is an important event in Ghanaian football, as it will determine the leadership of the GFA for the upcoming term. Notably, GFA President is poised to secure another four-year term, as he is set to run unopposed in the elections.

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