GFA awaits government’s go-ahead to restart season

The Ghana Premier League will remain suspended for the time being as the Ghana Football Association awaits prompting from Ghana’s government to resume the league.

There has been no top-flight football since March 16 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and with some major leagues being canceled around the world, there is pressure from within the ranks for the local game to follow suit.

The Ghana Premier League is not too keen to do same. The handlers believe there is a big window before now and the end of the year, to rethink when to safely restart the campaign.

The Communications Director of the Ghana FA, Henry Asante Twum has admitted several clubs want the league canceled but maintains it will depend on the word from the high office of the President of the country.

“The President was blunt [at the meeting] when the clubs started asking. Some of the clubs feel the season should be canceled,” Asante Twum told TV3.

“There have been a number of opinions that have come from medical experts, and the decision to suspend the games was not made in a vacuum.

“Currently we are in limbo because, for three years running, we have not had a full season in the Ghana Premier League. So taking a decision to truncate it is something that needs a lot of deliberation. The President has told the clubs, they are in the consultation process and will come out with a decision when the government gives the go-ahead for the league to resume,” Asante Twum stated.

Discussions have taken place between the GFA and the league clubs, and without certain decisions being made, the GFA is pressing ahead with the original plan to keep the game under suspension until the ban on social gathering is lifted. Then, discussions will begin on the steps to take to bring back the game.

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By Thierry Nyann||Ghana