GES urged to emphasise co-curricular activities to unearth talents

Samuel Bortey is a District Director of Education

The Director of Education at Suaman District in the Western Region, Samuel Bokitey Bortey, says the main stream syllabus alone under the Ghana Education Service cannot unearth talents in pupils but that co-curricular activities must be inculcated in the totality of teaching.

Co-curriculum can be defined as programmes or activities that complement main academic curricular.

In Ghana, for instance, physical education, culture and dance, open day ceremonies among others are co-curricular activities which complement academic subjects like Mathematics, English, Science and the others.

Years back school authorities were strict on pupils and students to participate in co-curricular activities but the situation seems to be the opposite in most schools in the country currently.

The upsurge of montessori schools lighted up again some of this co-curricular activities but most are indoor games.

It can be observed that some public and private schools do not have pitches and parks for outdoor programmes.

Commenting on this situation, Mr. Bortey told that to unravel talents, school authorities need to engage the pupils in non-academic activities.

He was speaking with respect to the just-ended TV3 Talented Kidz reality show.

Mr. Bortey noted that “not all enrolled children are academically inclined but can be better off in co-curricular activities which could earn them a living in the future”.

He therefore urged education stakeholders to emphasise co-curriculum to assist the pupils to bring out their hidden talents.

By Loveridge Ampratwum Okyere|Connect 97.1FM||Ghana

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