General Legal Council must change its archaic laws – Lawyer demands

A lawyer says archaic law was used in banning Francis-Xavier Sosu[/caption] The General Legal Council (GLC) has been asked to do away with “archaic” laws in the country’s legal books to catch up with modernity. A legal practitioner George Loh, who made the called, explained, “these archaic laws were made long ago. They were made when they didn’t have internet by then. They were made when we [Ghana] were not on our own so we need to move away from it now that we are an independent nation”. George Loh was contributing to discussions on TV3 New Day on the renowned human rights lawyer, Francis-Xavier Sosu, who has been barred by the General Legal Council from practicing as a lawyer for the next three years. The Council’s decision to suspend him comes after he was found guilty of professional misconduct of advertising and over charging a client he saved from prison. Mr. Loh further explained that “even those who made the laws for us now advertise. Even in America they advertise. The British have moved away and they even advertise but we are still using these archaic laws”. He added, “They were introduced here when we could not say no. We are now independent and many people on the General Legal Council have not legs to stand on, how many times haven’t we heard them talking about their own cases on air?” The lawyer was of the view that “this punishment is high handed, he [Lawyer Sosu] should go on appeal”.

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By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana]]>