Gender Minister's Int'l Midwives Day meeting disrupted by NPP N/R chairman

Bugri Naabu walks away as minister Otiko Djaba address the women[/caption] The Northern Region Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu, has described as illegal a meeting organized by the party’s National Women’s Organiser, Hafisah Otiko Djaba in Tamale. Daniel Bugri Naabu, who stormed the meeting, insisted the meeting be called off but Miss Djaba, who doubles as the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, explained the meeting between her and constituency women organizers was to appreciate them for their efforts during the 2016 campaign that led to the victory of the party in the 2016 general election. The near chaotic meeting began with Miss Djaba walking out the media and other women who “did not belong to the sect” she invited. Few minutes into the meeting, a group of NPP working ladies stormed the meeting, insisting they are present or the meeting be called off. This resulted in a hot argument among the NPP women. Calm, however, returned when the chairman finally arrived at the premises. “I wasn’t invited for this meeting but had to come after I received calls that my women were fighting,” the regional chairman said. “I came only to find out it was a meeting between Otiko and the women organizers. That’s illegal. Otiko has no right to come and have a meeting without our notice. “I checked with all my regional executives if they knew about the meeting but they all said they didn’t know of it.” spoke to some of the women who suspected foul play as they believed the Minister’s meeting was to rally support for one Suraya whom she wants to be appointed the Northern Region Coordinator for the School Feeding Programme. “Madam Otiko says her meeting has been misconceived by we the women but the truth is she’s here because of the appointment of Felicia. She lied but we are playing along and waiting for any other action from her again,” said one Ivy Amedior. “We are aware Otiko’s meeting was to challenge the appointment of Felicia Adjei as the coordinator for the School Feeding Programme but she denied and said she is here to thank some. So we asked why some selected few and she even left us out,” said one Gifty Bugri. Meanwhile, Miss Djaba has revealed her meeting was devoid of the speculations that she was rallying support to challenge the President’s appointee Madam Felicia Adjei for the position of the Regional School Feeding Programme Coordinator. “My meeting was to appreciate our women for their efforts during the election and to also appreciate them on the International Midwife Day Celebration. It has been misconceived and miscommunicated,” she taunted. There was reinforcement of security to prevent any bad scene.

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By Zubaida Ismail||Ghana ]]>