Gender Identity; a threat to human existence

Promoting homosexuality is an attempt to put an end to human existence. Homosexuality in all its forms is very evil, anti-human and anti-Christ. Clearly, it is against our tradition and cultural values as a people of Ghana and Africa.

Pro, LGBT groups are advocating for the repeal of laws that discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. They seek for tolerance at all levels of engagement and ensure adequate and appropriate legal protection from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

A 2011 UN study found that more than 76 countries criminalizes same-sex relations between consenting adults, while in many more countries discrimination is widespread and hate-motivated violence has been reported around the globe.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are illegal in Ghana and, therefore it must not be tolerated in anyway. Any conduct in support of them by any individual or group is a criminal offense.

Traditional authorities, religious bodies, other faith based organizations, parliament, political parties, the media, CSOs, CBOs, and other stakeholders have a duty to condemn and mount pressure on government to declare its stands on recent happenings in the country.

The promotion of LGBT rights is an agenda by the Western World to force African countries to accept homosexuality. This is an attempt to recolonize us through economic and political power.

Apart for the fundraiser organized by the LGBT group, other activities are lined up to be effected in the coming days.

Acceptance of LGBT activities is unscrupulous, a threat to family values and a means to corrupt our society and future generations. People advocate for adoption, but the question is; who should give birth for LGBT activist to adopt them? Again, what kind of upbringing and training can they offer these innocent children they seek to adopt?

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A good observation recounted by Kojo van Ess (Eric Kuranchie) has it that “When the people started years ago. They were advancing on the tangent of “this is how GOD created us” and that is when the church met them squarely

Then they went into hiding small and abandoned that argument and now have come with the” Human Rights” argument.

With Human Rights, there is little the church can openly do”.

We ask the presidency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Police to investigate the activities of the LGBT advocates and close down their office in Accra and anywhere else they will attempt to operate an office.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that men having sex with men (MSM) comprise approximately two percent of the population, or four percent of the U.S male population.

A 2000 study in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections asserted that women who have sex with women (WSW) had higher rates of bacterial vaginosis, hepatitis C, and HIV.

A 1999 co-twin control study in adult men, “Sexual Orientation and Suicidality,” showed same-sex sexual orientation was significantly associated with four measures of suicidality (thoughts about death, wanting to die, thoughts of suicide, and attempt).

There are other detrimental effects associated with same-sex sexual practice, amongst them are; higher rates of HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, depression/anxiety, hepatitis, sexually transmitted illnesses (anal papilloma/HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia), certain cancers, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, eating disorders, an increase in domestic violence.

There is enough prove grounded in science literature that same-sex sexual behavior is inimical to human health and population growth.

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Interestingly, according to, people generally do not choose their sexual orientation, they do choose the people with whom they have intercourse, save for cases of coercion or violence.

One’s sexual orientation will not protect one from the consequences of same-sex sexual behavior, and those consequences can and do affect the population at large. Increased societal acceptance of same-sex sexuality has not thus far proved helpful by any stretch of imagination.

Those who challenge the normalcy and tolerance of LGBT predictably met with the jamming tactic of being labeled bigots, haters, and homophobes. Disagreeing with LGBT sexual practice is neither hatred, harassment, phobia, nor violence, but the expression of opinion firmly grounded in medical literature as confirmed repeatedly by credible research institutions.

Behavioral consequences exist and the results are not the same for all sexual behaviors. Technology cannot correct this and blame shifting the negative results of same-sex sexual practice is misguided.

The president needs to state his position and by extension that of the country on the activities of LGBT, this will bring to rest any doubt and apprehension on this subject matter.

They are loved just like any other minority group but accepting their so called rights to practice homosexuality is alien and cannot be accepted in our society. I pray for the renewal of mind for them and people who support such a move.

Source: Bright Ampadu Okyere (An SDG Advocate) and Lead Partner SDG Alliance-Ghana,

Email: [email protected] Twitter: @ghanasdg Facebook: SDG Alliance-Ghana Tel. # 0244204664