GBC instructed not to prosecute over TV license

The governing board of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has ordered management “not to pursue any activity, or set of processes, leading to the prosecution of any individual for non-payment of the Television License Fee”. This comes on the back of public outcry over the collection of the television licenses and the threats to prosecute defaulting owners. On Wednesday, the board engaged management in an emergency meeting to abreast itself with the challenges that have risen with regard to the collection. A statement issued by Reverend Professor Emmanuel Adow Boateng, the Chairman of the Board, assured the public “not to entertain any fear of any such possible prosecutions”. It said the National Media Commission (NMC) has been recommended to drive processes of engaging critical stakeholders over the future of GBC “and find a more enduring funding module, that would enable it to discharge its constitutional mandate”. Source:|Ghana ]]>

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