Gatsi writes: Inflation and painful deterioration in living standards: humane actions and strikes –

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Inflation reflects cost structure distortion and painful downgrade of disposable income of income earners. Thus, inflation rate of 29.8% cannot be good news for Ghana.

When the inflation rate is underpinned by transport, water and food prices then you should note that cost of living has become unbearable for average households.

The middle income bracket are also complaining, breakfast, lunch and supper for Senior High School students have become difficult. Eating patterns of average households are deteriorating very fast.

Implementing government have become costly leading to abandonment of projects and stagnation of business efforts.

Government and employers must show genuine empathy to cushion workers. COLA is the name. Disregard of the request by workers will inability to recognize the massive erosion of business capital and socioeconomic pains.

Strikes are are expression of painful experiences of disregard over a period of time relating to erosion of value money.

Strikes maybe signs of mistrust. The number of strikes must be treated with humane consideration of the demand of works. Workers are nation builders and not beggars.

Interest rate of 28% on average is out of range for Teachers, Nurses, Medical Doctors among many workers. Something drastic must be done if not so average default in the banking and financial sector may scale up.
Let us revise our personal budgets to reflect the hardships and pains. We can not maintain same budget with dwindling disposable incomes.


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