Gane quits independent aspirants’ coalition; alleges foul play in selecting leader

Independent presidential aspirant, Marricke Kofi Gane, has withdrawn his membership from a group called the Coalition of Independent Political Aspirants (CIPA) few days after they had a debate among themselves.

The reasons for his withdrawal as explained in a statement dated August 15 have to do with issues precedent and subsequent to the debate. He says  the coalition has not been transparent and fair in its dealings.

JoyNews in collaboration with IMANI Centre for Policy and Education on Thursday, August 13, put together an event dubbed “Minority Political Parties and Independent Candidates Election Debate” for independent aspirants to proffer alternatives ideas to the main political parties.

The event which took at the Univerity of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) auditorium had six aspirants; Marricke Kofi Gane, Kofi Koranteng, Samuel Ofori Ampofo, Carl Ebo Morgan, Dr Tom Asiseh and Onipayede Osson Teye facing it off.

According to Gane, the coalition had decided prior to the debate to select a leader based on the outcome of the debate and its related social media polls. He alleges the coalition went back on what was agreed and adopted a rather crude, unexplained procedure to select a leader, a situation he takes strong exception in.

“Gane4Ghana believes that the adopted process was neither fair nor transparent. Despite the murky nature by which the final result was determined, we have wished CIPA and their Lead Candidate well for the race ahead.

“Regrettably, we cannot find any integrity or transparency in a process or body that willingly sets aside agreed criteria and voting results that the good people of Ghana have taken their time and efforts to invest in. We have always as an alternative, promised Ghanaians FEARLESS HONESTY and here again, we stand to defend it”, part of his statement reads.

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Gane’s narrative suggests that if the coalition had gone strictly by the earlier agreed criteria for selecting a leader he would have been the deserving leader as the social media polls showed that he won in 3 out of 4 polls.

Having withdraw from the coalition he is positive that the Gane4Ghana campaign is focused on building Ghana that works for all, and continues to rally for support.

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