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[Full Video] Infamous Moesha Bodoung’s CNN interview airs

[L-R] Moesha and Amanpour after the interview, excerpt of which generated hue and cry in Ghana
The full version of the  infamous Moesha Bodoung’s CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour has finally been aired and it looks like there was more to the interview than was initially discussed.

Love, sex, culture and all are captured in this piece through slices of people’s personal lives.

Even before the full interview came out, the actress received a backlash for some generalized comments she made about Ghanaian women.

The Gender Ministry waded into the controversy and whitewashed the actress for her comments about Ghanaian women ‘trading sex for survival’  but the host of the famous ‘Sex and Love Around the World’ series jumped into the defense of Moesha, expressing her disappointment in the reaction of the Ghanaian society.

She felt it was too early for Ghanaians to have judged Moesha when the full interview was yet to be aired.

Watch below the full interview and see if  Christiane Amanpour is vindicated.


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