From a trotro mate to a 'millionaire', the story of Seth Ocran

Ghanaian entrepreneur, and Chief Executive Officer of multi businesses, YOKS Investments Limited, Seth Yeboah Ocran, may just be personification of the proverbial moving from grass to grace. His upbringing, growth, struggles, rise and eventual success in this life can only be captured under 3FM’s Road to Glory segment of the morning show, a novelty which tells the story of successful people. It may have been a wild ambition for Seth, then a 14-year-old orphan to dream of owning a very successful business in the near future, but that has come to pass, now without challenges though. Speaking to host of the show, Winston Amoah, on Thursday, Mr. Ocran narrated the challenging phases of life he went through when he lost his mum, and later his dad at an early age. “My father died when I was seven years and my mum also died when I was 14”, he recounted. According to him, he was compelled by financial constraints to drop out of school and to find ways of fending for himself. “I dropped out of school and did not have any SHS certificate”, he said. In his quest for survival, he said he picked up a menial job as a commercial bus conductor, what is commonly referred to as  “trotro mate” but had to give up on it because he did not find it lucrative. Determined, Seth said he ventured into the selling of textbooks in the Northern Region, a commodity he said was rare at the time. He said his textbook business dwindled when an English teacher joined the business and caused his earnings to shrink. Mr. Ocran took to textiles and jewelries business, travelling to Togo to buy his wares and sold in the Makola market.  Unfortunately, his business came crashing on its knees when the Makola market was gutted by fire and he lost his investment. While facing all these adversities in life, Mr. Ocran said “one thing I learnt in life and kept me moving was, I was on earth for a purpose”. He told Winston, he had gathered enough experience from being a trotro mate and ventured into a car rental company VANEF Europecar with a seed capital of GHȻ500. That, he said, was the beginning of good things. [caption id="attachment_126245" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Fleet of cars under Ocran’s Yoks car rental services[/caption] He added his life has been a learning process for him as he acquired more knowledge and skills, trying different things. Mr. Ocran advised that beyond determination there is the need to always have positive people around oneself. “If we have one person in our lives who totally accepts us, totally believes in us, totally loves us and totally supports us, we can certainly achieve what we want to reach and where we want to go. Therefore, surround yourself with people who believe in you and accept you totally regardless of your success or failure, and also be that person of someone”, he advised.

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