Free SHS has collapsed some private schools – Association of private schools

Private schools in the country have accused the Akufo-Addo government of being adamant to include them in the free senior high school policy introduced last academic year. According to the schools, persistent efforts at getting the government to make private schools a part of the free SHS programme has failed to yield results. “We have met government like three times, but nothing came out” Public Relations Officer for the Conference of Heads of Private Second Cycle Schools, Naphtali Kyei Baffour said on Monday. He indicated the excuse of government that private schools are not well equipped to participate in the free SHS is not correct, arguing that some public schools have even been using their facilities. “Some private schools with lots of facilities have collapsed due to the concentration of Free SHS in only public schools,” he revealed but did not give details as to the number of schools affected and their names. [caption id="attachment_93474" align="aligncenter" width="599"]Naphtali Kyei Baffuor Mr. Kyei Baffuor[/caption] Mr. Kyei Baffour argued that if the government had listen and made private schools a part of the free SHS programme, it would not be concerned about looking for options to cater for the large number of students expected under the programme next academic year. “Most of the things we stated [at the meetings], if the government had taken cognizant of it, we would have made headway,” he stated. He consequently chastised the government for its decision to introduce a semester system at the SHS level under the double intake system to begin in September 2018. He said the double track system should not be encouraged, and underscored the need to maintain the current system.

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Read Gov’t acting in desperation with semester system; we’ve the antidote “We should maintain the current system, we do not have to encourage this double track system,” he said. Government is introducing the double take system to create room for the large numbers expected ate Senior High School level. According to President Akufo-Addo, the system will enhance the quality of the Senior High School structure, despite criticism against the system. Read: Double intake system will increase quality of SHSs – Nana Addo shrugs off criticism Mr. Kyei Baffuor urged government to remedy the situation, and that it is not late, since the double track system is yet to be implemented. By Portia Gafah||Ghana]]>