Freddie Blay mulls legal action against CSOs who demanded his resignation from GNPC

Board Chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Freddie Worsemao Armah Blay has described as “deeply regrettable and unfortunate” calls made by some 29 civil society organisations (CSOs) for his resignation.

He said the CSOs could have verified their claims before coming out to “misinform” the public.

Together with the Chief Executive of GNPC, Mr Blay was accused of engaging in a transaction to offload 50 percent of GNPC’s existing stake in Deepwater Tano Contract Area, an action which constitutes divestment of the state’s beneficial interest.

The allegations surrounding the supposed ‘surreptitious’, ‘clandestine’, and ‘scandalous’ sale of so-called GNPC shares are unequivocally false,” he told journalists on Thursday, May 25.

“There is no intention by GNPC or me as its Chairman, to divest 7% shareholding in JOHL nor has there been any claim by PetroSA to acquire shareholding interests in JOHL,” he added.

“Such claims can only stem from an uninformed and malevolent mind.”

He has dared his “accusers” to proceed to GNPC to “investigate and ascertain the facts before succumbing to orchestrated and futile frenzies”.

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“The call for my resignation, as well as that of the CEO, in relation to this matter is deeply regrettable and unfortunate,” he said.

“CSOs, are expected to protect the interests and rights of civil society, seek the public good and national interest. Instead, the 29 CSOs that have called for my resignation, chose to engage hastily in this matter without seeking the facts, and rather misinform the public, in
pursuit of ulterior motives and a vested interest. This is detrimental to the public good, and the national interest.”

He has served notice of taking the legal route especially for the libellous statements made against him.


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