Fraudsters target Forex bureaux in W/R

File[/caption] Forex bureau operators in the Western Region are being cautioned to be on high alert against a new modus operandi by fraudsters. A Forex bureau operator, who fell victim to this increasing crime, recounted on OMANBAPA morning show on Connect FM how he was robbed of an amount of about $2,000. According to the victim, who wants to remain anonymous, he was at the Forex bureau last Wednesday when two men who were smartly dressed entered. “They enquired of my rates and after answering them, they requested to change their dollar equivalent of $3,000 to cedis.” According to him, the two suspected fraudsters then brought an amount out for him to count. “When I counted it, it was short of the $3,000 by 100 so one of them put his hand in the pocket and added $100.” It was after the guys had given the cedi equivalent to the Forex bureau operator and left that the Forex bureau operator realised the dollar amount was short of $1900 The victim suspects the fraudsters might have intentionally made the initially amount $2900 so it was when they were adding the additional hundred to it that they cunningly pulled the $1900 from it He is cautioning colleague operators to be on the lookout against this new scheme. By Nhyiraba Paa Kwesi Simpson|Connect FM||Ghana]]>

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